"Stay away from my vodka!"
―Nikolai Belinski[src]
Nikolai Belinski
Nikolai Belinski
Vital statistics
Age N/A
Gender Male
Creator Treyarch
Creation Date 6/11/09
First Appearance Shi No Numa
Status Alive
Nikolai Belinski is one of the main protagonists of the canon Nazi Zombies story-line and appears in many fanon zombie maps. He is an alcoholic and has a huge obsession with vodka [however, it's implied that his drinking problem may have been caused by Richtofen's experiments and/or he may not want to remember his past]. His favorite perk is Speed Cola.



  • Nikolai hates Pronaide, a cut perk-a-cola, because of its very bad taste.
  • Nikolai had six wives, most of whom he killed and/or had children with, as he mentions a daughter in Shi No Numa.
  • Strangely enough, he seems to be mostly unaffected by the Super Soldier process' amnesiac effects.
  • Nikolai's point counter is blue.
  • He seems to like Juggernog as he delightfully sings along with it's tune, but adds his own words in.
  • Sometimes, he can sing the jingle for Quick Revive.
  • Nikolai likes Tank Dempsey, doesn't comment much about Edward Richtofen, and seems to hate Takeo Masaki.
  • Many of his quotes are about Vodka.
  • If one looks closely at him, they may find a bag that says "Nikolai's Vodka"
  • Ironically, he hates Deadshot Daiquiri, when he normally likes alchoholic drinks, because it makes him feel sober.
  • Although Nikolai drinks vodka, he is never seen drinking it in-game.
  • He shares the same FPS model as Alex Mason in Vorkuta and shares the same character model as Private Chernov in World at War.


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