"Everything was different before they created the infected. After that all hell broke loose and now the world has to cope with this... New Reality."
―The introduction to New Reality.

New Reality is a chapter-based series of stories following people around the globe struggling to survive and fight against the zombies that now roam around every corner. It features tons of new characters and all stories have a different plot-line yet all link into one another in more than one way.


Series 1

Book 1: Welcome to Hell

Book 2: Drastic Measures

Book 3: No One Fights Alone

Book 4: A Glimmer of Hope

Book 5: A World Forever Changed

Series 2

Book 1: Eye of the Storm

New Reality Stories
Series 1 Welcome to HellDrastic MeasuresNo One Fights AloneA Glimmer of HopeA World Forever Changed
Series 2 Eye of the Storm

Book Overviews

"Welcome to Hell" Synopsis

"Drastic Measures" Synopsis

"No One Fights Alone" Synopsis

"A Glimmer of Hope" Synopsis

"A World Forever Changed" Synopsis


Dead and Undead characters are shown in Italics

Dead Characters follow the living/Undead in the order that they died from the most recent.

Newark Survivors No characters are known yet.


  • This story was made to replace the Creator's previous fan fiction which he, ultimately, deleted.
  • The Creator wanted to take a break from creating maps after the success of his Remember When... storyline. He plans to go back to Casted Shadows once Chapter 8 is done in Welcome to Hell.

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