The Wiki-Wide Storyline is a major collaboration of every recurring and common user on the wiki, in which as a community, we will slowly work on as we go.

Straight to Business

Basic Overview

The main plot is that the zombie horde of unknown creation has spread all over the world. As some of the survivors, the users of the wiki will contribute to a single fanfiction and add their own parts to the story. In the duration of the story, the protagonists must find a way to stop the zombies and defeat the antagonists, while meeting any neutral characters along the way.

The fanfiction can be found here.

Wiki-Wide Storyline editors

  • Dead and Vio agreed to make a short storyline to conclude to their individual ones, seen Here.

Cast of Characters


  • Violetofen4 (Main antagonist)


  • Ebon Shadowshot


  • DeadRaiser
  • Wafflez44
  • 900bv
  • EternalBlaze
  • Zombiehunter115

Other things

How to Join

If you wish to join the Wiki-Wide Storyline, you are welcome as long as you don't inactive for periods of time and you are at least known by some users. Just make sure you notify that you are joining in the edit summary when making your first edit.

You may not edit the storyline if you are an anonymous user; by doing this, it will prevent random events and information within the storyline and will, for the most part, keep it neat as possible, sorry...

Basic How-To

Creating Characters

Your story should generally focus on your own character, which is a fictuous self-image of you; it doesn't have to be exactly 100% like you in real life, but incorporating at least one real life trait that you have would be great in developing your personal character.

As for page names, the basic layout is "Real Name (Wiki Name)." If you do not wish to put your full name, you may just put your first name only or your Wiki Name (but put "(Wiki-Wide Storyline)" after!!!).

As for the character's age, you can put your own age (although not completely advised!) or you can have a different. Please refrain from putting a younger age than yours in real life!

Starting off your portion

Starting off isn't always easy, but start off with where you're going to have your character come from. If you want to, you can have that character be from wherever you're from (doesn't have to be exact, but same general location) to make it a bit more realistic. But if you prefer to keep it anonymous, you may start your character wherever you desire.

If you and another user have a relatively close position, maybe it's possible to conjoin portions, which would make things easier in the long run (in terms of connecting all storylines together).