Nazi Zombies Plus Cold War



The Second NZP Cold War

17th April 2012


September 2012

  • Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki
  • Minor arguments in
    • Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki
    • Black Ops Zombies Guidebook Wiki
    • Okasugi Wiki
  • Three-month ban of Camalex97 (and 45 day ban of his sockpuppet)
  • Two year ban of Bountyhunter1774
  • Temporary leaving of Violetofen4
Major battles

No major disputes/arguments


Average Users

NZP Admins

Neutral Users/Admins

  • Camalex97
  • Bountyhunter
  • Violetofen4
  • DeadRaiser
  • Magma-Man
  • Ebon Shadowshot
  • 900bv

The Second Cold War began in early April 2012, just over one year after the first Cold War started.

The "Camalex" part of the Cold War began when he returned to the wiki, although he originally partook in minor parts of the first Cold War and harrassed people. However, the real fighting did not start until a user known as Bountyhunter1774 joined the wiki and caused havoc.

The events of this Cold War were devastating, and left an impact on several faithful users such as Violetofen4, DeadRaiser, and many other admins and ordinary users.


The Nightmare Begins

“That fanfic is fucking retarded. How can someone write such a stupid idea?”
―Bounty, on a PM to Vi.

Despite dispute, the 'beginning' was started when Violetofen4, Bountyhunter7714, Ebon Shadowshot, DeadRaiser, and 900bv were all on chat. It was Bounty's first chat on the wiki and everyone was treating him kindly as a friend.

But many don't quite understand how it truly started, but what had occured was the fact that Violet had asked Bounty to review her fanfiction.

He wrote a mean review on her talkpage, telling her about how it "was horrible" and it should "go to hell". This pissed her off and annoyed Dead, who was stuck in between the arguments Vi and Bounty procceeded to have on chat.

Bounty was banned for a week, and persisted to troll Vi on other wikis such as Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki, and his own wiki, Black Ops Zombies Guidebook, in an attempt to convince her to get him unbanned.

Middle Months

“you sure as hell know whats going on with that... either attention whore or mentally unstable person with power. if you can help me do something about it then we both might be better off. and violetofen I HOPE YOU DAMN WELL SEE THIS YOU STALKER!”
―Camalex on a message to Bounty

During this time Cam was mainly attacking newer users, complaining about Vi and Dead's "idiocy" and mainly being rude to users such as Magma-Man and ZH115.

It was during the later Mid-Months that Vi became an admin, and Cam continued to protest.

Between this select time period, Bountyhunter came back, still pleading and attacking Vi to convince her to "forgive him" and "let go of the past." She would not agree, still angry with his actions and sensitive to his nasty review. Dead was still the middle man, shoved around in the conflicts unintentionally.


“Fuck you, Bounty. Just fuck you.”
―Dead; Nazi Zombies Plus Wiki Chat

It was around this time that Vi became suicidal due to several issues in her life, and attempted to leave the wiki.

Vi and Dead got into a fight during chat about something he said that hurt her feelings, and several other users such as Birdpaw and ZH115, witnessed this.

There was a another fight on chat, and Cam was banned for sockpuppeting for 3 months (also for trolling and flaming users). Bounty got a 2-year-ban for threatening Vi, Dead, and several other users.


“Don't think it's forever. I couldn't leave forever because it would make my heart ache so horribly I'd have to come back.”
―Violet, upon departure from the wiki.[src]

Despite protests and begs, Vi decided to leave the wiki to get away from the pain. The wiki began to crumble apart from sadness.

Dead becomes convinced to commit suicide and Vi calms him down on a PM.

The wiki begins to crumble apart with Vi's departure, but neutral users remained active during the period and kept Wiki Activity active.


After about a week Vi returns and makes a blog letting users vote on whether she stays or not. Every vote was a "yes" so she came back.

The wiki begins to fix itself up, and this page was created in order to influence our new users on the consequences of rule-breaking and prevent an incident like this to ever happen again.

Major Quotes

In here, please post important quotes to this event. It's better to put some of them here than all over the article xD

“I am being me, and being me means I'm going to care about that stuff. I may be a world-hating cynical person, but I only hate the bad parts. I want them to go away. I care about you and all my other friends, both online and off, more then anything else. You are part of what proves to me there are things in this world worth living for. I worry about you and everyone else I've befriended, even if they aren't friends anymore. I just want to make people happy and I'm hindered from being behind a computer screen, and now you're leaving Wikia. And now I'm crying. Well, I wish you well, whether or not you read this emotional rant.

―Magma-Man, upon Vi's leaving.

“I have lost all tolerance with you Cam, so yes I do hate you.


Rude behaviour to others.

Spamming and causing issues on chat.


Almost no sense of compassion to others.

Clearly all of these show that you've been acting like a dick and you are poorly educated, sorry to say. Those are the reason why I hate you. ”

―Dead, on Cam's blog.

“Cam, you are a freaking asshole. This is the last straw. This is just...uncool. I am giving you your 3-month ban. I warned you and you didn't listen, that is your fault not mine. I have gotten permission from MM to do this. I'm sorry, Cam, but it has to be done. You will never stop unless someone stops you first. And it's my job.

Goodbye for now, Cam.”

―Vi, Cam's Blog

“Hey, Vi. I just want to say that your a really good friend to me. I think it's safe for me to say that it's a bit of a disapointment for me that I don't know you in person. But you've earned my trust. You didn't do anything wrong. Cam was an asshole. He had no right for treating you like that. If I had my way, I'd perma-ban him, if he isn't already. But I'm not an admin, and I don't think I will be. I know you and Dead are the closest of friends. Closer than anyone else on here. But I want to let you know that if Dead's not available, I'm always here. You may not feel ok about going to anyone other than Dead, let alone me, with your problems, but I want you to know that I will be there. Me and a WHOLE lot of other people here miss you. We would all like you to come back, but it will always be your choice to come back or not. Keep in touch with me.”
―ZH115, to Vi

“Do you know that's what they saying as "humility"? People sometimes considering their own creations are a "shittiest" stuff, and that's what they call as humility. You know, Cam, I really lost my own temper and it's all because of your past fight to Vi and Dead, with your shit-for-brains friend, Bounty. I now stand here, behind a damn laptop, reading all of your words to me and I know you actually didn't know what the fuck is happening.

Do you ever get bullied? Either in cyber realm or real-life? Some bullies didn't know what they actually did, and considering he didn't do this or that. You actually cyber-bullying (a.k.a trolling) and kicked out new users on NZP. I'm sure peoples like you gotta say; "Oh, I actually didn't this shit! I didn't start any war! Don't fucking accuse me, lowlife!", especially if you gotta reply this damn message, I think you probably gotta said it. I'm sorry to say this, but you actually a cyber bully with no fucking brain. ”

―Tribellium to Camalex98, in Okasugi Wiki. (Source: )