If you have over 50 edits and have taken a liking to this Wiki's community, feel free to add your gamertag/PSN account/Steam account/Wii friend code-thingy-mah-bobber here and add everyone in your group!

Xbox Live

  • Chestnut808 - Toasty Sokk (Xbox 360) (TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN, BABY!)
  • Magma-Man - SubVisser 24 (Xbox 360)
  • EternalBlaze - a zealous gamer (Xbox 360)
  • Pack-A-merPunch'd - a11EYEZonME 11 (Xbox 360) (Shared Account)
  • Ebon Shadowshot - NostalgiaFreak (Xbox 360/Xbox One)
  • Violet - EpicIcefeather (Xbox 360) (Because I'm just epic like that)
  • 900bv - The900bv
  • Damac1214 - MountainMac (Xbox 360/Xbox One)
  • DeadRaiser - DeadRaiser27 (Xbox 360) (Trying to get Gold again. Just wait)
  • TheDoctor115 - ZomBieSLAyR455 (Xbox 360) [make sure to get the capital letters right and stuff]
  • Animal Crossing Leader - zjCHICKEN12 (Xbox 360) (although I also use XDK Raskull XDK and a boy named Jeb)
  • DrAssassin - SoLongSoldier (Xbox 360)
  • Fusionwilliam - Blazingnyancat (Xbox One) [Advanced Warfare and, Black Ops 3]
  • Birdpaw - IncensedFall368 (Xbox 360) (Pretty sure the numbers are right x3, don't have gold though)
  • Crystar800 - Crystar500 (Xbox One) (My Gold may expire soon, but add me anyway as I leech the 14 day trial.)

PlayStation Network

PC (Steam)

Join the Steam Community Group

Message Magma-Man for an invite.


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