Mutated Sea Turtles
Vital statistics
Age varies
Gender varies
Creator Daniel Smith
Creation Date 2/10/11 (IRL), 1980 (storyline)
First Appearance USS Constellation
Status Extinct

Mutated Sea Turtles are a a non-canonical enemy in the custom Nazi Zombies map "USS Constellation", which is the third map in the Revelations map pack, which is an add-on map pack for the Apocalypse storyline.


After the nuclear wars and zombie wars, the world was left in total devestation. America was the worst. Depsite the destruction in the country people began to rebuild the country. After three years the country was rebuilt. However, the nuclear missile strikes' radiation, large amounts of remaining Element 115, and Nova 6 gas still remained. In order to rid themselves of the dangerous elements, workers had dumped the radioactive material, element, and gas into the ocean. Consequently, the amphibious wildlife was effected. One of these native wildlifes were the sea turtles.

After eliminating zombies and destroying Old Columbus, four CIA agents are retrieved by a Huey and flown back to New York City for further briefing. When they arrived at the secondary Central Intelligence Agency headquarters they are briefed by the new president of the United States. The President told them that the USS Constellation had gone offline four days ago and that no contact has been made with the ship. Four CIA agents are flown via Huey to the ship the next day. When they arrived, they were immediately attacked by zombies and zombiefied sea turtles.


Mutated Sea Turtles are green, light blue, black, and glowing yellow. Their shell still remains, but it is cracked in multiple places. The Mutated Sea Turtles' skin/flesh is also green, light blue, and black. It is ripped and bloody. Some of them emit Nova 6 gas that is deadly to the player and other zombies. The Mutated Sea Turtles' eyes glow yellow or white.


Mutated Sea Turtles replace the Space Monkeys. Thus, they steal Perk-a-Colas in the form of breaking the Perks' vending machines. If the player shoots a moving away Mutated Sea Turtle in the shell, the enemy will spin around and charge the player. They can down any player without Juggernog in two hits, and any player with Juggernog in four hits. Mutated Sea Turtles can run twice as fast as the players.

Fighting the Mutated Sea Turtles

When the Mutated Sea Turtles attack the vending machines, they can steal the Perk in less than five seconds. In order to counter this, it is wise to have a grenade launcher (i.e. the China Lake) or upgraded weapon to fight them. Stamin-Up is also a good asset as it allows the player to run to their vending machine. Once a Mutated Sea Turtle steals a Perk, it will move to another machine. Once all Perks have been stolen, the remaining Mutated Sea Turtles will then attack any healthy human.

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