Monkey bomb

The Monkey Bomb being primed

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The Monkey Bomb is a Wonder weapon that was created at Der Riese in Germany possibly by Richtofen, but is believed to have been made from one of Samantha's toys, as seen in Kino Der Toten and along with the phrase 'Why are you so cruel to Mr. Monkey? He just wanted to PLAY!!'. It appears in the maps Der Riese, Kino der Toten, Five, Dead Ops Arcade (albiet as a giant explosive) Ascension, and Shangri-La, as well as the Black Ops' Prestige World at War maps.

Once activated, the Monkey Bomb is used as an emergency weapon/temporary distraction. As a result; all zombies (or rather any nearby) will be attracted to it's music for about 10 seconds. After a large crowd of zombies have gathered around it, the bomb will explode, killing the zombies with it. However, the bomb has been known to glitch, meaning that it would possibly explode without killing anything. Does not attract any Hellhounds Astronaut Zombies, or the Pentagon Thief.

Though on the Ipod Touch version, the Monkey Bomb doesn't attract any nearby zombies' attention, but does keep the Hellhounds at bay.


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