The mod-machine is a utility made by Camalex97 slightly based off of the Attach-O-Match by Daniel Smith. This allows you to add attackments to your guns like acog sights, silencers (dont know why), IR scopes, red dot and reflex scopes, master-key, grenade launchers, dual mags, extended mags, rapid fire, and on the M2 flame thrower you can attach a third and fourth barrel of fuel and a cooling unit. and for semi-auto pistol's, full auto.

Location: It is located at the top of the ladder where zombies can't hit you because this will take APR 1-3 minutes a person but zombies can't be shot from the top of the stairs and zombies can't get you bur you can't shoot them unless you have the PTRS-41 and are lucky enough to hit a zomby blindly.

Strategy: It is suggested to get this before pack-a-punch because it will cost less because attachments cost about 5 times more so you can save money.


Pistols: Extended mags 1000, dual wield 500, Upgraded sights 250, full auto 2000, silencer 250, and rapid fire (after full auto only) 2000. total cost for package: 5000 points Individually: 6000 (5500 without dual wield)

Suggestoins: if you are going to pack-a-punch buy all the attackments you want to beforehand and if you don't want dual wield don't buy it and if you buy dual wield dont but upgraded sights unless you bought package

Compact Machine-Guns: Extended mags 1000, Dual Mags 1250, dual wield 750 (after # of steroids only) Reflex/ Red-dot sight 1000, ACOG 1500 IR, 1750 IR ACOG, IR Reflex/Red-Dot 2500 (one sight only), Rapid Fire 2500, Grenade launcher 2000, Master Key 2250, Flamethrower 3000 (two under barrel attachments at most) Package: 7500 Individually: 10000-12500 w sights 9750-10750 With dual wield

Suggestions: If you get dual wield get the Flame-thrower as it has unlimited ammo and also get rapid fire as it can get weak in later rounds.

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