Michael Moore is a character in the non-canonical Nazi Zombies storyline Origins.


Michael Moore
Delta Force operative
Vital statistics
Age classified
Gender Male
Creator Daniel Smith
Creation Date June 5, 2011
First Appearance currently none
Status Alive

Michael Moore was once a soldier in the Army Rangers and Delta Force, before he became a NATO commando. Because of him once being a Delta Force operative, he uses the alias "Michael Moore". Moore is one of four people who were hired by General Richard Gorman and assembled in order to find the true origins of zombies and Element 115.


Michael Moore was asked to attend a meeting alongside Marine Jason Baldwin, British scientist Scott Price, and Russian mercenary Nikolai Badanov by orders of General Richard Gorman. Gorman explains the backstory behind the World War II zombie experiments, Group 935, and the Ascension Group. After he explains this to them, he ordered them to find the true origins of Element 115. They accept the mission and are flown to to the Russia-Ukraine Border to find anything important. When they arrive they are attacked by Russian zombies that are wearing old Spetsnaz outfits.


While fighting in the cave on the Russia-Ukraine Border, Moore discovers a buildind. He kicks open the door and orders the men to take different positions; Moore and Baldwin guard the door while Badanov and Price search the building. While searching Price comes across documents, but before he could read them he had to go help the others fight off zombies.


While fighting through the compound, Moore was able to discover a radio room. Baldwin slams the door shut. Moore gets on the radio and tries to contact anybody. Eventually he contacts a military base in Johannesburg, who send a helicopter. Moore, Baldwin, Price, and Badanov escape the cave via helicopter.

When they arrive at Johannesburg, they are given a room to sleep for the night. They are awoken the next morning by shrieks and screams. They quickly put on their uniforms and grab their Colt M1911 .45s and exit the room. They immidiately notice that zombies are running through the building.

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