For the weapon with a similar name, see MP5K.

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The MP7 PDW (also simply called MP7) is a German-in-origin and American-made submachine gun that appears in every level of the Spacefront storyline.


A MP7 PDW with a Red Dot Sight, Grip, and Extended Stock.
Vital statistics
Damage 90-75
Damage Multiplier --
Magazine Size 30
Created By Germany, United States of America
Creation Date 2001
Maximum Ammunition 100
Reload Time Very Fast
Rate of Fire High
Range --
Recoil High
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode Automatic
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}

The MP7 PDW has a high rate of fire, low to medium accuracy, short range, and low penetration. It has a twenty round magazine. The MP7 PDW can only be obtained by purchasing it off the wall for 600 points. By round 8, the MP7 PDW becomes insuffiecient enough to halt the undead horde, and thus it is wise to trade it in for the Galil ACE or a weapon from the Mystery Box. When the MP7 PDW is upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine it becomes the "MP115 Collider", which is a play-on the "MP115 Kollider", the upgraded MP5K.

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