Laser Rifle
Lazer rifle
Vital statistics
Damage 500 (1000 PaP'd)
Damage Multiplier 6 (Head), 5 (Neck)
Magazine Size 30, 150 (PaP'd)
Created By Registered contributor
Creation Date 5/2/11
Maximum Ammunition 300, 600 (PaP'd)
Reload Time 2 seconds (loaded), 3 seconds (unloaded)
Rate of Fire 937.5 RPM
Range Infinite
Recoil Medium-High
Penetration Medium
Fire Mode Automatic
Mobility Medium

The Laser Rifle is a non-canonical Wonder Weapon in some fanon maps.


It was a secret weapon manufactured by the CIA in 1960. The main purpose of the weapon is to counter the German Ray Gun.


It fires beams of red laser that will damage anything in its path.


After Pack-a-Punching, the Laser Rifle becomes the "Laz0r Cannon" with the increase of mag size from 30 to 150, plus max ammo is now 600 spare rounds. It also shoots purplish red beams of laser instead of red laser.

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