Boy purchasing a soda from a vending machine 100414-163839-239057

A Killstreak Machine poster.

The Killstreak Machine is a non-canonical Perk-a-Cola in Non-Canon maps. It gives the player a random Killstreak. It costs 1800.

Killstreaks Available

Attack Helicopter - Deploys a MI-24 Hind or a Cobra, which kills Zombies.

Attack Dogs - Deploys Dogs, which will attack Zombies

Air Strike - Deploys a Plane which bombs the map.

AC-130 -Deploys an AC-130 which a player can control. The player who has it won't be harmed by Zombies however.

Death Machine - A Death Machine will be given to the player. The Death Machine will last until it runs out of ammo.

Grim Reaper - A Grim Reaper will be given to the player. It will last till it runs out of ammo.


Despite it being classified as a Perk-A-Cola it only gives the player a Killstreak, and a bottle will not be received.

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