Keats' Firearms is a firearm manufacturing company owned by Richard Keats. It's weapons are mainly featured in Magma-Man's zombie maps.


Keats' Firearms was founded by Richard Keats in 2035. It quickly became the best known manufacturer of weapons for use by both the U.S. Military and personal use.


All workers wear jumpsuits with some parts colored a different color in random symmetrical shapes on the jumpsuit. The color of the jumpsuit signifies the occupation and the color of the random shapes indicate rank.

Jumpsuit Colors

  • Blue - Field Tester
  • Red - Security
  • Yellow - Tech Support
  • Green - Desk Job

Secondary Colors

  • None - New Employee
  • Bronze - Experienced Employee
  • Silver - High Ranking Employee
  • Gold - In charge of the occupation, with only Keats being above the person.

Keats's Suit

Richard Keats wears a black business suit.


Most weapons made by this company have a three word name, abreviated to three leters, followed by a number to show which version it is. First released version is 1, second released version is 2, etc.






Known Employees

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