Juggernaut paul 01

Juggernaut concept art

Juggernaut SpecOps

A pair of Juggernauts attacking Zombies


The Juggernaut icon

The Juggernaut is a unique Utility.

It costs 7000 points to buy.

What it does is that a Juggernaut will be deployed and it will kill Zombies, until it is destroyed/machine corrupted by Zombies.

If it is machine corrupted it will try to kill all the players.

Recommended weapons to use if it is machine corrupted

High powered shotguns, such as the Remington 870, KS-23, SPAS-12 and/or Stakeout

The SCAR-H with drum-mag is a good weapon to use again Juggernauts.

The Crossbow is fairly effective as the bolt will be stucked into the Juggernaut. The upgraded Crossbow can become handy as it will also attract Zombies and the Zombies will try to remove the bolt stuck into the Juggernaut's body.

The Thundergun can slow him down, but won't do any damage to him.

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 can kill him in about 5 shots.

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