Hungover is a non-canonical Perk-a-Cola that was supposed to be featured in the custom Nazi Zombies maps "Icebreaker", "Quarantäne", "Firing Range", and "Junkyard", but was removed at the last second for unknown reasons. However, the Perk-a-Cola returns in the Spacefront level "Highrise". When purchased for 500 points, Hungover allows the player to dive from an elevated area without taking any damage.


  • The term "hungover" refers to a hangover, and the purpose of the Perk was to allow the player to jump out of an elevated area without taking any damage. So basically, it is a play-on of a hangover.
  • The Perk may have been removed due to the effect being an effect of the Nova Perk-a-Cola.
  • According to Nikolai Belinski, the Perk tastes just like Vodka.
  • Hungover is Nikolai Belinski's favorite Perk-a-Cola.

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