After Zombie Armageddon, Takeo, Tank, Richtofen and Nikolai find themselves in a world of rubble. While searching for any survivors, they make a horrifying discovery. A deep cavern, where Fluffy escaped to, years before, and had her puppies. The puppies grew and they continued to reproduce. Hundreds of Hell Hounds, mostly puppies, still existing. The four of them are ambushed, and are forced to once again fight for their lives against wave after wave of zombie dogs.

Boss Round

There is no boss round on this map.


You do not need to unlock pack-a-punch on this map.


The traps on this map are the stagmelite trap. You throw a semtex on the rocks, and they fall and kill the dogs. When you throw the semtex up, it instantly takes 200 points from you.

Power-ups and Perks:


Quick revive

Stamin up

Phd Flopper

Speed cola


Fire sale

Double points



Death Machine



Valkerie Rockets

Limitless (Unlimited ammo, health, and points for 20 seconds)


Unstead of regular frag grenades, in this map you receive the semtex.

Wonder Weapons:

Gersch Device

Ray gun

Winters howl

Wunderwaffe DG-2

Mystery box:

The following weapons are available from the mystery box:

Shith= (Breaks in half; longer one knife kill ability time)

Skorpion= Skorpioz 115 (Dual wield w/ extended magazine)

Galil= lamentation

Aug= AUG 5OM3

AK-47= AK-58 Jz (Extended magazine w/ flamethrower attachment)

Spas-12= Spas-24

M60= M120 (doubled ammo w/ grip)

RPK= R115 resonator

Psg1= Psg4 isolator (Acog scope w/ extended magazine)

Makarov= Makaroz Assault pistol (red dot sight w/ grenade launcher attachment)

RPG= RPX cannon (Increased firepower w/ no attachment)

Strela 3= Strella115 Cannon (shorter reload time; more damage)

WA2000= WA3300 (extended mags with variable zoom)

Wall Guns

The following weapons are available to be bought off the wall:


M14= Mnesia

Pm63=Tokyo and Rose

Kiparis= Kiparii II (Dual mags w/ more ammo)

Enfield= Enfire Accelerator (Red dot sight, more ammo, dual mags)

Machete= (Not able to upgrade)

Tomahawk/Throwing Knife= (Not able to Upgrade)

Uzi=Uz511 (doubled ammo w/ red dot sight; random reticule)

MP5K= MP115 Kollider

Sentry gun= (Not able to upgrade) (Cost 7000 points; Can be destroyed)

Camouflage with Pack-a-Punch:

After Pack-a-Punch on this map, your gun will have a random camoflauge from Black Ops. Rarely, you will receive golden or silver camo. This does not apply for wonder weapons.

Tomahawk/Throwing Knife:

When you purchase this off the wall, you are equipped with either a tomahawk or a throwing knife. This is one hit kill on all dogs, and can be picked up after thrown. You receive one more at the beginning of each round, unless you are already equpiied with one.


*The stagmelite trap is strongly based off of SnniperTeam82308's trap from Hell.

*The power-up, Limitless, is lightly based off of Daniel Smith's power-up, Berserker.

*The map's name, Hunde aus Damnation, is German for Hounds from Damnation.

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