Homing Rifle Grenades (commonly abbreviated as HRG) are a specialized type of rifle grenade that is confirmed to appear in the Spacefront storyline.

As the name suggests, Homing Rifle Grenades are rifle grenades that, when launched, lock onto a group of zombies (10-11). When the Homing Rifle Grenade reaches its intended target, it explodes, dealing a considerable amount of damage to the zombies. When HRGs do not lock onto a group of zombies, it just continues on a straight path until is hits something solid. Also, the player does not need to wait for a lock-on sound to heard to fire the grenade. HRGs are only available on Pack-a-Punched weapons that have the rifle grenade attachment.


  • HRGs' colors purple and black.
  • HRGs are engraved with symbols and patterns, just like the guns.
  • HRGs are best suited for outdoor enviroments, where splash damage isn't a problem.

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