The HR-151-K is a new fully automatic wonder gun found in the map (New map i am making right now). The gun looks like the HK-21 but dark red cameo and element 151 containers protruding out of the side of it. It fires blue ball of electricity has a clip of 20 with a max extra ammo of 160. The gun does damage a little under that of the

Vital statistics
Damage 750
Damage Multiplier 1.5
Magazine Size 20
Created By 160
Creation Date 5/?/11
Maximum Ammunition 180
Reload Time 6.4 seconds
Rate of Fire {{{ROF}}}
Range unlimited
Recoil heavy
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode automatic
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}
ray gun, and a little over that of the HK-21., it has a reload time the same as the ray gun and a rate of fire equal to the HK-21.When upgraded it gets a flamethrower and an acog sight attachment, it’s ammo increases to 50 in clip and 250 extra ammo. And it becomes the HR-151-WMD.

There is an Easter egg for this gun. If you shoot a zombie once in the foot then twice in the other foot three times in the hand than four times in the other hand with the HR-151-WMD then throw a grenade at the zombies head then knife the zombie with the upgraded ballistic knife w/ bowie knife. You will impale the zombie with your knife into the nearest wall shove the grenade into its mouth jump back, the grenade will blow up causing the arms and legs to fall off leaving your with a torso and a brain splatter.

HOLY SHIT THIS IS SWEET- Tank after the easter egg

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