Group 936 is an unmentioned and unseen faction in the Apocalypse, Apocalypse II: Left Behind, and Apocalypse III: Divided Destiny storylines.


Group 936 was formed in 1970 by the Soviet Union. Group 936 was responsible for continuely creating zombies that eventually started the zombie apocalypse. Group 936's members were primarily survivors from the Ascension Group, including Yuri Kravcheski and Gersch (these two, however, were killed at Ascension).

Group 936 not only made zombies, they also further studied the Gersch Device, teleportation, Space travel, time travel, and Lunar Landers. All of their tests except time travel were successful.

Group 936 was funded from taxes paid by the Soviet citizens. Using this money, they bought an unlimited supply of Element 115. They paid willing patients to be tested on and make them zombies.

What became of Group 936 and its members after the war can only be speculated. Evidence reports that the group was shut down and the members were given the death penalty, but this was never proven. It is possible that some of the members fled to remote islands in the Pacific Ocean to escape persecution.

Consequently, if they fled to Pacific islands, they were most likely killed if they didn't escape; the rising water levels quickly flooded the islands.

Dr. Edward Leichen escaped persecution and became a citizen of the Ark of Eden. There, he was recruited for the Ark of Eden Military Science Division. His colleague, Dr. Volk Maxis, who wasn't a former member of Group 936, created Tyrants using Element X. Dr. Maxis was Dr. Ludwig Maxis' great-great grandson.

Dr. Leichen is killed by Tyrants when he is being escorted out of a lighthouse by Mitchell Carver, Trevor Reznik, William Cullen, and Eric Michaelson. The whereabouts of Dr. Maxis remain unknown. It has been speculated that he accidently teleported himself, along with zombies, to an astroid using one his experimental weapons, called XPLD - Mk.1.


  • Dimitri Markhov, a mysterious character in the Apocalypse II: Left Behind storyline, was secretely a member Group 936. In fact, he was one of the only surviving members of the Group, the other being Dr. Edward Leichen.

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