Annabella Chase (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 22
Rank: OSS Operative
Description: Blonde, almost white hair, and eyes so dark their natural color is uncertain.
Personality: Silent, never speaks enough, but also very reserved. Strives to please her directors.
History: Annabella never shares her history.
Family: Unknown
Allies: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown

Annabella Chase

Drake Tidans (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 31
Rank: OSS Operative
Description: Brown hair, brown, almost golden, eyes.
Personality: Cocky, a bastard, and no one likes him.
History: Drake got around by killing the man in front of him, then made his way up the chain and decided to join the OSS.
Family: None
Allies: OSS members
Enemies: Anyone from 935

Drake Tidans

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