Ludvig Maxis (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 35
Rank: Head of 935
Description: Tall and lanky, brown hair, and faded green-gray eyes. Very neat, often wearing a formal tuxedo.
Personality: Neat freak, but very calm and usually laid back. Barely has a temper unless his friends and family are threatened.
History: Was married to Silvine Maxis for a year until she died. Currently engaged to Charlotte Peltz Richtofen.
Family: Silivine Maxis (Wife, deceased)

Samantha Maxis (Daughter)

Charlotte Peltz Richtofen (fiancee)
Allies: Edward Richtofen, Kramer von Frederick, Charlotte Peltz Richtofen, Kaiser Groph
Enemies: Alan P. Fisher, All OSS and MI5, Anselm Guttridge

Ludvig Maxis

Edward Richtofen (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 34
Rank: Assistant to Maxis
Description: generally tall for his age, thin, with a rich chestnut brown for his hair, and bright emerald eyes.
Personality: It's not very clear anymore whether Richtofen is sane or not, but before the teleporter accident, was very kind and caring. Now devious, suspicious, dark, cunning, and wicked.
History: Was married to Lilith Richtofen, adopted her daughter, Charlotte. Had two other kids, Xena, and Rosemary (whom was crippled at birth). Lilith died, leaving him alone to care for their children and scarring him for life. Had a relationship and son with Grethel Ava Groph a long time ago.
Family: Lilith Richtofen (Wife, deceased), Charlotte Richtofen (adoptive daughter), Antoinette Richtofen (sister, deceased), Elric Richtofen (brother, status unknown), Xena Richtofen (daughter, alive), Rosemary (daughter, alive), Grethel Ava Groph (ex-girlfriend, alive), William Groph (son, alive).
Allies: Ludvig Maxis, Charlotte Richtofen, Kramer von Frederick.
Enemies: Alan P. Fisher

NZ Richtofen
Edward Richtofen

Anselm Guttridge (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 25
Rank: Scientist
Description: Ice blonde hair, blue eyes. Has a scar on his cheek from bar brawling.
Personality: Anselm is just about nobody's friend, very reserved, but has a very short temper.
History: Anselm's mother was never known, but she was suspected to have been Lilith Peltz or Silvine Addint in high school. His father was Sven Guttridge. Anselm grew up in the slums and was attacked when he was 16. He killed his attacker and joined the army. Years later, after sobering himself at the local bars, joined 935 in a search for power.
Family: Sven Guttridge (father), Charlotte Richtofen (half-sister), Samantha Maxis (possible half-sister).
Allies: Charlotte Richtofen, Xena Richtofen, Rosemary Richtofen, Samantha Maxis
Enemies: Everyone else in 935.

Anselm Guttridge

Kaiser Groph (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 32
Rank: Scientist
Description: Blonde with blue-green eyes. A bit dainty in features, weak from a harsh childhood.
Personality: A bit clumsy, ditzy, and more than all extremely gullible. Very intelligent but doesn't know how to use his brain. Lacks common sense.
History: Kaiser was very poor growing up. All the money went to making sure he got a good education. He was friends with Kramer von Frederick and Ludvig Maxis growing up. Kaiser never officially joined the war, he was in college most of it trying to get a doctor's degree. When he failed to get a Master's Degree, he decided to join 935. It was shortly after he married Grethel Ava Groph and about a year after that she moved in, stirring up old arguments with one of his dear friends.
Family: Grethel Ava Groph (wife), William Groph (son, or so he thinks)
Allies: Grethel Ava Groph, William Groph, Edward Richtofen, Ludvig Maxis, Schuster, Anselm Guttridge, Charlotte Richtofen, Kramer von Frederick, etc.
Enemies: He doesn't make enemies, he makes friends.

Kaiser Groph

Charlotte Richtofen (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 19 (almost 20)
Rank: Head of the Nurses
Description: Fiery red hair, sharp blue eyes, very attractive and well...beautiful. Has faded freckles around her nose and cheeks from childhood playing in the sun.
Personality: Charlotte is caring, but also very catty. Ever since her entrance to 935, she became a very stern and cold figure, except to her fiancee and siblings. She's willing to do any job no matter how gruesome, and a very gentle nurse. When she lost her mother, she, unlike her adoptive father, was able to cope with it and continue her life without grief, knowing Lilith would've been unhappy if she was in tears for her.
History: Charlotte's story is a bit of a rough one. She was born to her mother in highschool and her father abandoned them. Lilith started dating Edward Richtofen who agreed to help support Charlotte, who looked to him for a very long time without knowing her biological parent was actually Sven Guttridge. She started, behind Edward's back (up until recent RPG) dating Ludvig Maxis. Currently she's engaged to him.
Family: Lilith Peltz Richtofen (Mother, deceased), Sven Guttridge (Father, alive), Edward Richtofen (adoptive father, alive), Xena Richtofen (half-sister, alive), Rosemary Richtofen (half-sister, alive), Anselm Guttridge (half-brother, alive), William Groph (half-brother, alive), Ludvig Maxis (fiancee, alive), Samantha Maxis (possible step-sister, alive)
Allies: Most members of 935 (except for the following below)
Enemies: Grethel Ava Groph, Alan P. Fisher.

Charlotte Richtofen

Xena Richtofen (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 8
Rank: Child
Description: Long blonde hair, down to her shoulders, has very green eyes, and often has a very big smile.
Personality: Cheery, happy, and often very giggly.
History: Was born to Lilith and Edward Richtofen. Her mother died when she was 7.
Family: Edward Richtofen (father), Lilith Peltz Richtofen (mother), Charlotte Richtofen (half-sister), Rosemary Richtofen (sister), William Groph (half-brother)
Allies: Everyone
Enemies: Doesn't understand what an enemy is, is friends with everyone.

Xena Richtofen

Rosemary Richtofen (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 6
Rank: Child
Description: Black hair, often tied up with a bow or neatly combed down, piercing, unnatural pale blue eyes, and a weak, faded smile. Rosemary's legs are paralyzed from birth, she has to move around in a wheelchair.
Personality: Rosemary is ominous and a bit creepy, almost from another world. She's rather reserved and rarely speaks, and when she does her eyes just barely, faintly seem to grow a bit brighter in shade of blue. Her sister, Xena boasts that Rosemary can see the future, but no one believes them and rather takes it as a joke.
History: Rosemary was born to Lilith and Edward Richtofen. When she was 5, her mother died, and her father vanished in a teleporter accident. Her older half-sister, Charlotte, moved her and the girls into a new bunker away from their father's when he returned due to his sudden change in personality.
Family: Edward Richtofen (Father), Lilith Richtofen (Mother), Charlotte Richtofen (half-sister), Xena Richtofen (sister), William Groph (half-brother)
Allies: Xena Richtofen, Charlotte Richtofen, Anselm Guttridge
Enemies: Unknown

Rosemary Richtofen

Grethel Ava Groph (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 32
Rank: Nurse/MI5 and OSS agent/Professional Assassin
Description: Midnight black hair, faded green eyes, a pale stature, and a midnight black dress.
Personality: There's only four words that describe Grethel: Vengeful, Sneaky, Bitchy, and just plain Evil!
History: Grethel grew up all her life in Detmold, Germany. Near the end of Richtofen's time in the military, his division stopped in Detmold to rest. She knocked him out and took him to her lone mansion. The blow had given him amnesia, to which she convinced him that they were married and he'd remember soon. However, he woke up from his mind state and left her immediately, swearing that if she ever abducted him again it'd be her head on a silver platter. Devastated, she stalked his every move, killing Edward's brother and mother, and becoming a master assassin. She soon discovering his friend, Kaiser Groph, and marrying the man to cover up the paternal side of her newborn son, William. She joined the OSS and MI5 to kill them all and thus achieving her greatest revenge.
Family: Kaiser Groph (husband), Edward Richtofen (ex-lover), William Groph (son)
Allies: William Groph, all of OSS and MI5
Enemies: Everyone else. She doesn't make very many friends that she doesn't end up killing.

Grethel Ava Groph

William Groph (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 10
Rank: Child
Description: chestnut brown hair, faded green eyes.
Personality: Sweet, gentle, does not inherit the personalities of either of his parents. Often will put himself in front of others.
History: Born to Edward Richtofen and Grethel Ava Groph. Grethel married Kaiser Groph to cover up the reasons of her disastrous faults.
Family: Edward Richtofen (biological father), Grethel Ava Groph (mother), Kaiser Groph (stepfather)
Allies: Everyone in 935
Enemies: Like many of the 935 children, William prefers not to have enemies.

William Groph

Samantha Maxis (Roleplayed by Violetofen4)

Age: 8
Rank: Child
Description: black hair and pale grey-blue eyes
Personality: Dark child, childish and wicked, her friends are often victimized by teasing and dares.
History: Born to Silvine and Ludvig Maxis. Her mother died at birth, but Samantha was raised happily by her father. Samantha was happy to learn that Charlotte got engaged to her father, due to the fact she'll get to have a mother to spend time with her at last.
Family: Silvine Maxis (mother), Ludvig Maxis (father), Charlotte Richtofen (future stepmother), Anselm Guttridge (possible half-brother)
Allies: Ludvig Maxis, Charlotte Richtofen, Rosemary Richtofen, Xena Richtofen, Anselm Guttridge
Enemies: Edward Richtofen

467px-Samantha Maxis
Samantha Maxis

Kramer von Frederick (Roleplayed by DeadRaiser)

Age: 34
Rank: Scientist
Description: Tall, yet strong, short dirty blonde hair, and bright green eyes. Usually wears a standard lab coat or his former Waffen-SS uniform.
Personality: Passive and intelligent, but suffers from depression and has constant flash backs. He can have serious tempers if he is antagonized by others.
History: Was a lifetime fried of Edward Richtofen and both have been through hell together. Served in the Waffen-SS under the rank of Sturmbannführer. Lost most of his friends in a mass mutiny during the Battle of Bastogne and relocated to Group 935.
Family: Johan von Frederick (Father, deceased), Corina von Frederick (Mother, deceased), Kai von Frederick (Adopted brother, living), Julia von Frederick (Sister, living), Adelina von Frederick (Wife, living), Kristina von Frederick (Daughter, living)
Allies: Edward Richtofen, Ludvig Maxis, Kaiser Groph, Harvey Yena (occasionally), Charlotte Richtofen, Xena Richtofen
Enemies: Grethel Ava Groph, Christopher Donetz, Alan P. Fisher

Kramer von Frederick

Harvey Yena (Roleplayed by 900bv)

Age: 30
Rank: Scientist
Description: Fairly tall, could be described as slightly overweight. Sports dark brown, flattop hair and has hazel eyes. He usually wears a beige bomber jacket and black trousers.
Personality: Slightly idiotic and essentially harmless. He is usually quite highly intelligent when he stops drinking, which is never.
History: Harvey was born in California to unmarried parents, but immigrated to Germany after his parents were executed after being falsely charged with homicide. He joined Group 935 after learning about their work.
Family: Jonah Yena (Father, deceased), Laura Yena (Mother, deceased)
Allies: Group 935
Enemies: MI5, OSS

Image Filler
Harvey Yena

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