Ground Assault Drone

A Ground Assault Droid.

Ground Assault Droids are an enemy in the custom Nazi Zombies map "Descension". Descension is the fourth map in the Revelations map pack, which is part of the Apocalypse storyline.


Ground Assault Droids (abbreviated GAD) are unmanned medium sized treaded vehicles that use a thermal sighting system to target the enemy. GADs were manufactured by the Soviets in 1772. Ground Assault Droids were meant to be the successor of Battle Droids, but were manufactured too late in the war. Due to this, the Soviets placed them in a base in South America.


The GAD's primary weapons consisted of a 40mm cannon which can launch high explosive, armor piercing, or smoke grenades almost four hundred yards. The grenades are fed by a chain of the grenades. 

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