Czech Republic flag

The Occupied Czech Republic still represented their country with their own flag.

Germanic Territory of Occupied Czech Republic is an unmentioned territory faction in the "Apocalypse" storyline.


After the nuclear wars and zombie wars and the disbandment of the International Creature Elimination Force, Great Britian and Germany began annexing Europe in 1999. Shortly later, the Czech Republic once again became its own country. However, the
Czech Resistance

The Czech Resistance used the military's Coat of Arms.

Czech Republic became an occupied territory once more. In an attempt to halt Great Britian from advancing any further, the Czech Resistance was formed. The rebellion was able to fight off the British Military. Eventually, though, the Czech Resistance failed to protect its nation, and it became an occupied territory. In 2020 Great Britian sold the territory to Germany. At this current time Germany still claims the land as one of its nine provinces.

Notable Members


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