"Years ago, I did research for a World War II movie. I came across some old Nazi documents. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Element 115, necromancers, raising the dead, real creepy stuff. The coolest thing? Some of that crazy shit happened right here."— George A. Romero.

George A. Romero stars as a special zombie in the Zombies map Call of the Dead. He is also referred to as "The Director". Romero was doing research for a World War II movie when he came across Nazi documents pertaining to Element 115.

George Romero rises out of the water in the beginning of the match. Unlike other special zombies, he stays throughout the game regardless of the round system. He starts out in a calm mode, and is very slow. When shot at or if he hits somone, he goes into a beserk state and runs very fast.

George's weapon is a broken stage light that can down a player in 3 hits. He gets stronger each round, like most zombies.

George can be killed, but it is difficult.

The Scavenger and the HK21 are good, as is any Pack-a-Punched weapon.


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