For the weapon with a similar name, see Galil.

If this weapon appears in your Zombie map, feel free to add information about your version as well!

The Galil ACE is a Columbian-manufactured assault rifle that appears in every level of the Spacefront storyline


Galil ACE
Galil ACE
Vital statistics
Damage 150-100
Damage Multiplier --
Magazine Size 30
Created By Columbia
Creation Date 1972 (Galil)
Maximum Ammunition 100
Reload Time 2.1 loaded, 2.8 unloaded
Rate of Fire 750 RPM
Range --
Recoil Low-Medium
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode Automatic
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}
The Galil ACE has a medium rate of fire, medium accuracy, low range, and low penetration. It has a thirty round magazine. The Galil ACE has a reasonable reload time. The Galil ACE can be purchased off the wall for 1200 points, as it replaces the AK-74u. Up until about round 10 it is a great weapon to use, but after round 10 is begins to lose its effectiveness. When upgraded the Galil ACE becomes the "Lamentation SMG". After the upgrade it gains a larger magazine capacity (fifty rounds) and a Red Dot Sight with a random aiming reticule.

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