German Shepherd

Was this Fluffy before the accident?

Nothing much is known about Fluffy except that she was Samantha Maxis' dog in the radio broadcasts and that after a failed experiment conducted by Dr. Ludvig Maxis and Edward Richtofen, Fluffy was turned into the first Hellhound through a frightening freak accidend, and had likely killed both Doctor Maxis and Samantha. According to the radio transmissions, Edward locked the door, likely following the voices in his head or trying to contain the creature. The last words said to Fluffly's victims just before their fiery demise were "Goodbye, Doctor Maxis."


  • Actually, now that we think about it, did Fluffy really kill Samantha and Dr. Maxis? Because Samantha was later seen inside an alien pyramid on Moon, alive, well and controlling the zombies, and Dr. Maxis survived and landed in Shangri-La, but was shot by Dr. Groph.

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