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Eternal Conflict is a storyline planned for release after the Casted Shadows storyline maps. It is going to be created by DeadRaiser, the same person who made its prequals. It is the third and last installment in the Remember When... Saga. Nothing about the storyline has been released other than its name and the name of the final map, End.

Zombies Expansion Pack
Maps The Beginning: Nacht der UntotenVerrücktShi No NumaDer RieseKino der Toten

Scavenger Hunt: AscensionCall of the DeadShangri-La
Illusion of Travel: "Five"Dead Ops ArcadeMoon
Remember When...: Schule der UntotenPlatzieren aus der TotWahnsinnig der KircheKrankenhaus aus VerdammtenGeist WohnhausEinen Langsamen Tod
Casted Shadows: Luogo ProfanoOspiti IndesideratiMundial de la VergüenzaVenganza de OroPourri PaysVieille Dame de Fer
Eternal Conflict: Five unknown mapsEnd

Major Characters Original Group: Tank DempseyNikolai BelinskiTakeo MasakiEdward RichtofenKramer von Frederick (added on after the events of Krankenhaus aus Verdammten.)

White Eagles: Tyler HendersonMichelle NardoneNathaniel CarnelAlexa KimChristopher HopkinsEmilia GarciaDominick MenzelJessica Gallitzas

Minor Characters Ludvig MaxisSophiaPeter McCainHarvey YenaHenry PorterFrederick SchusterNicklas GrophFluffyCheckersMr. DorsetScott
Antagonists Samantha MaxisDead Raiser (Quotes)Ebon Shadowshot (Quotes)Zombie Boss (although he is not a huge antagonist.)
Major Easter Eggs The Beginning: Fly Trap

Scavenger Hunt: Kassimir MechanismOriginal Characters TrappedEclipse
Illusion of Travel: Cryogenic Slumber Party/Richtofen's Grand Scheme
Remember When...: Return from DarknessA Little HelpThe Power WithinMemory RecoveryRichtofen's Finest Hour
Casted Shadows: Catacombe CleansingOn My Way

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