This map takes place during the events of modern warfare 2. The marine squad that invades the estate only to find their opponets have become zombies they take out their mp5k's to take out the zombies in the room but run out of ammo. Then out of nowhere every section becomes shut and the four marines must ascend their way to the huey on the other side of the estate. They must go threw the whole estate to gather the documents.So with the remaining asp ammo they start defending the windows

the music easter egg turns on once you have all the documents.

wall weapons are



m93 raffica


scar h

the weapons you get from the box are

tar 21

ath 4

m4a1 carbine

asp once you dont have it


ray gun

monkey bombs

once you got what you need fight to the huey


the lone zombie slayer thought of this after seeing hellhound slayers modern warfare 2 zombies

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