Electric defence
The Electro-Shock Defenses or Electro-Shock Barriers are a utility in some zombie maps-canon and/or non-canon. When activated, the trap will automatically electrocute players and zombies that walk through it until the power is finally depleted. It is activated via the switch located beside the actual trap, which in turn costs 1000 points to activate, and is only recommended when there are far too many zombies for the player(s) to handle. However, this device does not appear on the later maps like Call of the Dead or 'Five'*- as such, it only appears on the early Black Ops maps and the World at War maps (except for Nacht Der Untoten).


  • Okay, it is there, but really, it's kind of useless without the component, which is somewhere within the inner confines of the map, and only blocks two entrances, thus making the use of the traps entirely pointless.

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