Written by Violetofen4.

Chapter 1 - Richtofen

Isn't life just so splendid? So far for me, it's just peachy. As a kid, I was beaten up, my parents and sister died, my twin brother (when we were babies of course) and I were separated, and I never met him in real life.

I fell out of a tree and broke a couple ribs, while on the other hand got the girl, had three kids, lost a leg and had it ultra replaced, and is working with two best friends in a job we love: being scientists.

...then Lilith died. Leaving me helplessly trapped in a void of darkness and grief.

Today Rosemary, who was 4 years old now, was learning to use a wheelchair. before then we tried leg braces but they didn't work very well. Adelina insisted on helping Rosemary. I don't care if Adelina does as long as she doesn't hurt Rosemary, which I seriously doubt will occur.

If you haven't noticed, Adelina and I don't necessarily click. She's possessive of my best friend, and her husband, Kramer. She and I have a long history of that. She accuses me of being too cold to my own children. I let Charlotte, Rosemary, and Xena have plenty of freedom, which is why her argument is entirely invalid.

But today while I was working on my Wunderwaffe DG-2, she came in, looking distressed, immediately approaching me. That was shocking, usually she only came in to moon over Kramer's work.

Kramer looked up in confusion, instantly feeling her worry.

"Do you know where Kristina went? She and Xena were playing and now she's gone." she asks me.

It had been 2 weeks after the death of Lilith when she had asked me this once before. And they found Kristina playing outside.

"Ask Xena then, don't bother me about it. I've been here all day, I couldn't have possibly known," I grunted back. She narrowed her eyes. 

"Hey, why don't you ask Xena, she's your kid! Why don't you spend time with her? Is this what Lilith would've wanted, do you consider that maybe Lilith wanted you to take care of her instead of moving your children to another bunker? Rosemary's crippled and you don't spend time with her!" Adelina suddenly snapped. 

Okay, that was too far. I could see Kramer staring at her as if she was the craziest person alive.

"Addie, you know that was uncalled for." he said quietly. My muscles tensed.

"I don't care, he knows his place and he's not accepting it!" she argued.

I began to walk away.

"What, are you still afraid of what you did!?" Adelina called after me. She smirked deviously.

"Don't tell me how to raise my own children, and don't tell me how I should react. I lost my wife, if you lost Kramer, what would you do?" I growled, not turning back to her, then leaving so they couldn't see my tears.

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