Dylan Fly is a main character in the Redux storyline.

Pave low

Dylan waiting for EVAC


Dylan Fly was born August 31 in a small town in Tennessee. He is 6'4 and weighs 180 pounds. The other characters, besides Kaylee, do not know much about him, not even his true name is known, as Dylan Fly, is just an alias.



709px-Shadow Company 2

Dylan leading the way.

Dylan was an officer under the DOG division of US Coast Guard. He severed on the MSRT specializing in Marksmanship. He went on 32 missions, serving with the Navy Seals, GSG-9, British SAS, JTF-2 and the Korean 707 SMB.


When the events of 2012 started to take place, Dylan fled to a small cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. The altitude protected him from the virus and the zombies, too. Dylan saw close to no zombies in the mountains and spent most of his time trying to make contact with somebody. In mid 2012 he made contact with the Survivor's Colony and made it safely there. He was given the vaccine upon arrival, and then began helping with the rebuild efforts.


Dylan was one of the few who helped form the ZVTF, or the Zombie Vaccination Task Force, which was basically a PMC dedicated to helping defend those who were trying to deliver the vaccine to zombies. He was assigned to help Mark, Jessica, and his old "friend" Kaylee in Germany.


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