Dying Breed is a storyline created by 900bv. It consists of seven maps, all of which are only accessible when playing Everwar: Black Widow. The first map, Emerge is considered to be the prologue to the actual storyline, which begins with Breaking Point. At this point, all of the map names have been revealed.

Dying Breed
Maps EmergeBreaking PointFloodGatewayBroken BlissClandestinityThe Purge
Playable Characters Benjamin BarnesAiden ColeGareth PritchardJoel Riggs
Ricky MarshAmelia GloverNathan MackReza Mercer
Enemies Zombies
Utilities Mystery BoxPack-a-Punch MachinePerk-a-Cola
Wonder Weapons Tusk
Perk-a-Colas AssistadeFast Finger FizzPack DonkeyQuickfire ColaSolidity Soda
Power-Ups Double PointsFortifyMax AmmoQuickfootSlaughterStorm
Major Easter Eggs Unknown
Minor Easter Eggs Unknown
Musical Easter Eggs Unknown
Quotes EmergeBreaking PointFloodGatewayBroken BlissClandestinityThe Purge