This fan fiction/original story was written by DeadRaiser.

Chapter One

I wandered in the vast, open forest that was next to my house. I sat at the top of a hill and opened my sketch pad. Drawing is my passion, whether it is of the beautiful scenery or of tools and machines, I just love drawing. As I draw my picture, I hear... a beautiful sound. I heard the sound of a guitar playing what sounded like, a lullaby.

I stand up, close my drawing pad and start walking towards the sound of the music. The farther down the hill I went, the sweeter the sound was. It's when I reached the bottom of the hill that I saw her. Adelina Gustaf, one of the sweetest, kindest girls in my grade.

"Addie? I didn't expect to find you here," I said. Addie looked back at me and put down her guitar.

"Hey Kramer," she greeted me as she walked over to me and fixed her hair, "What are you doing out here?"

"I usually come out here to escape everything that is going on in the world. In the forest, I feel at home and at peace and it's a great place to draw," I explain to her.

"You draw?" she asks.

"Of course," I tell her and held the drawing pad in front of me, "Do you want to see some of my work?"

"I don't see a reason not to," she replies. I opened up the drawing pad and gave brief explanations of each one. Soon, we reached my favorite picture. It showed a glistening lake with a small island in the middle, surrounded by mountains covered with trees.

"Where is that?" Adelina asked.

"That's a boy scout camp I used to go to," I tell her.

"You're a boy scout?"

"Yes, I am. Just yesterday, I recieved the rank of Eagle Scout."

Just then, the sound of fast footsteps echoed through the forest.

"Addie! Where are you?!" a voice calls, "Come on, don't hide! We ahve to go to prom!"

"Oh no," Adelina murmurs, then turned to me, "You need to get out of here! If Alois sees you, he'll hurt you more than you can imagine."

"But Addie-" I start talking, but she cuts me off.

"Go!" she yells and pushes me behind a bush, keeping me well hidden. I shake off the bristles from the bush and place my drawing pad down. I look behind me and see a giant red oak towering above all of the other trees.

Here I go! I thought to myself and I started climbing up the tree. In a few short minutes, I reach a branch that over looks the clearing where Addie was. I look around the surrounding area, but I don't see Alois anywhere. Soon enough, Alois shows up, coming out from the left side of the clearing.

I can tell that they were talking, but I couldn't hear a thing. I watch in horror as I see Alois drag Addie by the hair over to the footprints I had made.

Oh no... I whispered. Addie shook her head, as if in denial, but then Alois hits her on the right cheek. I put my hand over my mouth to keep me from yelling at Alois. Alois then grabbed Adelina's guitar and her right arm, then pulled her out of the clearing.

I slid down from where I was perched and looked at the, now empty, clearing.

"Why didn't I stop this?" I ask myself before grabbing my pad, turning around and walking home.

Chapter Two

In school the next day, I was walking down to the lunch room when Maxis caught up to me.

"Hey Kramer," he says.

"Hey," I reply, looking down at the ground.

"You've been awfully silent today, is something wrong?" Maxis asked concerningly. I look lift my head up and look at him.

"Yeah, things weren't working out between Sabine and I, so today I broke up with her," I explained to Maxis.

"It's alright Kramer, you'll find someone else," Maxis comforts me.

"I hope so," I said as we entered the lunch room.

I walk over to our lunch table, only to see that Groph and Schuster already sitting there. Edward's not here, I thought angrily, typical. I sit down at the lunch table and look where Edward is sitting. Sitting with him are Lilith, his girlfriend, Sabine, Heidi, Sven and Alois.

I stare angrily at him. He leaves us here and completely ignores us!

"Anyone have news today?" Groph asked us, snapping me out of my thought. I turn back to the table and start eating my lunch.

"According to the telegram I got from Berlin, I am going to be the leader of Group 935," Maxis announces.

I look at my Maxis with joy.

"Congradulations," I tell him.

"Thanks Kramer. I'm just worried about having a leadership position and all," Maxis admitted.

"You'll do fine, I know you will," Kramer reassured Maxis.

"Again thanks. I'll make sure to invite you all to join the group... except for Edward, unless he talks to us again," Maxis groaned.

"What's his problem? He never talks to us or does anything with us anymore," Schuster pointed out.

I slam my fist on the table.

"All he cares about is his new girlfriend Lilith and his new popularity. I know that he's going to marry Lilith," I growled.

"Unfortunately," Groph mutters, before returning to his lunch.

We all fall silent for a while, focusing on our meals. I take a break from my lunch and look back at Richtofen's table. That's when I spot Adelina talking to Lilith. I catch her bright blue eyes looking in my direction, and that's when I waved to her and she waved back.

She has a scarlet red mark on her cheek and a black eye. I felt sorry for her and now I have the urge to crush Alois with my bare hands.

Chapter Three

Addie and I kept talking to each other, learning more about one another and finding out that we have a lot in common. I had grown and interest in her and I thought, Can she feel the same about me?

The bell rings for the next class. Presentation day and I am as nervous as I will ever be.

Our whole class was standing at attention and in a straight, orderly line. I gulp as Chancellor Hitler walks into the room. I look at Edward and he looks at me, giving me a reassuring look, then looking forward again.

Chancellor Hitler was a tall, imposing figure with a small mustache and evil, power hungry looking eyes. His voice sounds like, what I would imagine, the devil's voice would sound like.

He walks along the lines, inspecting everyone of us as he walks past. That's when he stops right in front of me.

"Ah, Kramer von Frederick. It was a shame that your foolish father had to die when you where so young. His death at the hands of russian spies must have been life scaring for you," Hitler said mockingly.

I felt the anger swelling up inside of me.

"My father was a brilliant professor! Not a fool!" I snap, balling a fist. When my father died, life as I knew it almost ended. My grades plummeted and I suffered from depression for more than a month. Hitler laughed, and that's when I raised arm, aiming for a blow to his head.

Edward grabs my arm and I slowly lowered it down to my side.

"Oh and is this Edward Richtofen? You're father was killed too wasn't he. A fool, just like Kramer's," Hitler clucked.

Edward gritted his teeth, as if in anger, but I could see the sadness in his eyes. When Richtofen's father was killed, he entered a similar state as mine, however, to a worse extent.

Hitler turned to our teacher, Mrs. Blumfielde.

"I have finished my inspection. I am assigning Kramer to the Waffen-SS under the rank of Sturmbannführer and Edward is to be assigned to my personal guard under the rank of Brigadeführer," Hitler tells Mrs. Blumfielde and walks out of the door. I look at Edward to see him with a shocked expression. I put my hand on his shoulder, which causes him to look in my direction.

I nod at him, and he nods back, signifying why have are sharing the same thoughts. The class was then dismissed and neither of us talked. I watch as Maxis run over to us.

"What happened in there?" he asks, "I heard yelling in there."

"Hitler insulted my father's death, which caused me to snap at him. I wanted to pound his face back to hell, but Edward stopped me," I explained, a tear rolling down my face, "Then Hitler proceeds to insult Edward's father and, adding more insult, assigns me to the Waffen-SS at the rank of Sturmbannführer and Edward to the Hitler's personal guard at the rank of Brigadeführer."

Maxis pats both of us on the back.

"You'll be alright guys. When both of you are done with your terms, I'll get you straight to Group 935 and a from that tyrant," Maxis reassured us.

"Thanks Maxis," I thanked him. Edward just nodded his thanks.

"Kramer!" I heard someone call. I look behind Maxis to see Adelina waving to me.

"I'll be back soon guys," I tell them and run over to Addie.

Maxis nods and Edward doesn't reply, probably thinking about his father. Edward needs a friend with him right now and I worry about what Hitler will do to us.

Chapter Four

Adelina and I stroll through the forest where we first met. I was carrying my drawing pad and my cornet, while Addie was carrying her guitar.

"It's so lovely here, especially in this weather," I comment. Adelina nods.

"This is my favorite time of year to come out here. You can see and hear nature and not have to worry about anything in the world," Adelina says.

"It's a place where you can be free and at peace."

We place what we were carrying down next to a boulder and we sit down next to it.

"Today feels... different. It's like one of those days where you know something is going to happen that you don't expect," I express my thoughts.

"It does, but hope that it's for the better and not for the worse," Addie replies. She grabs her guitar, tunes it, then looks at me.

"You know, I've never heard you play the cornet, or any instrument, before," she says, "Can you play a song for me?"

"Sure, I'll play a familiar one," I say with a small smile. I warm-up and then start playing Fur Elise on the cornet. I managed to transpose Fur Elise from the piano to the cornet and spent a number of hours practicing it.

Once I had finished playing it, I look at Addie, who has a mix of a stunned and impressed expression.

"That was amazing. I never heard anyone play Fur Elise as perfectly as that... and on the cornet," Adelina tells me.

"Thanks Adelina," I thank her and put my cornet down, "Now, let's hear you play."

Addie starts tuning her guitar, but then the silence that filled the forest was cut-off by the sound of calls.

"This early? Really?" Addie asks herself and stands up. I grab her arm and keep her still.

"Addie, you can't let Alois control your life. You've got to be yourself and with someone who respects who you are, not some guy who uses you at his will. You need someone who actually cares and loves you," I tell her.

"I know. Thanks Kramer." And that's when we kiss.

Chapter Five

It's the third to last day of school today, and all was quiet and peaceful, until the afternoon. I was collecting my books for all of my classes; math, science and history. That's when Alois and his gang showed up.

"Hey Kramer!" he called to me as he walked in my direction. I put my books down and looked at him.

"What do you want Alois?" I ask him with a cold expression.

"You know exactly what the hell I want!" he says and he throws a punch at me. I dodge the blow and kick him in the shin.

"No, actually, I don't," I tell him. Alois looks up with me with cold, hard hatred in his eyes.

"Adelina broke up with me, saying she found someone that, 'actually cares and respects' her," Alois said, "And I only know one person like that." He then throws another punch and hits me in the abdomen.

"You had no respect for her. Instead, you used her, like a servant," I tell him. Alois then punches me in the face, causing my lip to bleed.

"Meet me after school. We're going to settle this once and for all!" Alois growls and walks away and his gang follows. I wipe the blood off my lip and proceed to class.

After school...

I walk over to the center of the school yard and put my backpack down on the pavement.

"Come on out Alois!" I yell, "Our are you just going to sit this one out?" A voice responds from behind me, in the shadows.

"Oh no, I'm handling this one," Alois said as he walked out from the dark, "With a little prize." From behind him, he pulls out Adelina, beaten and crying. She sees me and her eyes open with grief.

"Kramer! Don't do this! He'll kill you!" she begged.

"Shut up!" Alois commands and smacked Addie. I balled my fists and cracked my knuckles.

"Come on Alois," I usher him forward. Alois pushes Addie over to one of his gang members.

"Hold on to her, make sure she doesn't escape," Alois tells the gang member, who just nods in response. Alois walks over in front of me and gets in a fighting stance.

"Let's dance," he says. Alois throws a punch at me, to which I block and kick his ribs. He groans in pain and tries throwing another punch. I grab his arm and through him over my shoulder.

"Is that all you got?" I ask him.

"I'm just getting started," he hisses. Alois pulls out a dagger and stabs my foot. I clench my teeth in pain and yank out the knife and proceed to through it out into the field. That's what Alois was waiting for.

Alois kicks my left leg, then upper cuts my jaw and continues to punch my chest and stomach. He ends with a kick to the ribs and I plummet to the ground.

"Kramer!" I hear Addie scream at the top of her lungs, then I hear her cry. I look up and see Alois standing over me with the same dagger he had stabbed me with.

"Well now, I guess this fight's over. Too bad you'll never to see Addie or anyone else again!" Alois raises his arm up and launches it down at my neck. With quick reactions, I grab his arm and crush down on it, causing him to release the dagger.

I then kick him off me and punch his face and chest. I then end the fight with a hard blow to his knee, which causes him to crash down to the ground.

"Never... underestimate me," I tell him and limp over to the gang member.

"Release her," I command.

"I don't think so," the gang member replies and brandishes a Luger. I grab the Luger out of the gang member's hand and proceeded to break his arm, causing him to release Addie. I look at Addie and smile a bit, then collapse suddenly, only to fall into her arms.

"Stay with me Kramer," she pleads, "Stay with me."

"I'll always stay with you," I promise her and we kiss.

Chapter Six

It's been over two years since the incident with Alois occurred. Over that time, Alois and his gang were expelled from school and all of their scholarships were cancelled, Richtofen and Lilith got married and Addie and I got married. All in all, everything is how it should be, nice and quiet. However, today I am being transported to Russia on a spy mission.

To be finished!

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