Dm3 is a perk in the custom nazi zombies maps, Tot Schule, Ice Breaker, Quarantinae, and Insel der toten. The perk allows you to have a death machine for approximately 4-5 rounds and cost 3000 points. The perk is very useful, especially when ammo is low in your primary or secondary, or your weapon is ineffective. The disadvantage though, is that the death machine causes you to walk slower, and you unable to run without stamin’ up. Even with stamin’ up, you still run at a slow pace. You are still able to revive players, throw grenades, and buy perks. If you wish, you can pack-a-punch your weapon. Ths will give it more damage and faster firing rate, but note it will still disappear once time is up. The upgraded death machine is called the V-2 Death Machine

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