If you all remember i made a story about what happened to dempsey so here is what happened to lucky little takeo . :


After jumping through the gersh device takeo is teleported into what looks like a giant chasm.

After looking around he finds three men who were complete wimps and hid underground.

Tiger Woods , Micheal Jackson and Johnny Depp.

die feurigen ruben der toten
Vital statistics
Prev Level garage von den toten
Next Level nikolai's level
Created By the lone zombie slayer
Creation Date 4/26/11
Characters tiger woods takeo masaki micheal jackson johnny depp
Enemies cave monster zombies
Location somewhere under a golf course where the three chracters were golfing
Date 4/26/45

possible weapons

m1 garand



monkey bombs

matroyoska dolls


trench gun


the blanker

thundergun prototype


m1 carbine

possible perks

all from acension + add on 4 life

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