Before Nacht der Untoten, or any other nazi zombies “event,” Group 935 was doing some experiments… They had many zombies locked up in the base, and Dr. Maxis, Richtofen, Sophia, and H. Porter were working late one night when somehow the zombies escaped their cages. Zombies began to break in everywhere, and the four fought for their lives. After this, however, most zombies were killed but a few zombies escaped, and made their way to Nacht der Untoten, causing the zombie outbreak. The map takes place in the same place as Der Riese, but after this event, the base was re-modeled to prevent further escapes of test subjects.


Electroshock barriers around the map

Perks and Power-ups:


Quick Revive

Double Tap

Speed Cola (Dm3 and Amm-O-Matic did not exist at the time)


Double Points



Death Machine


The Pack-a-Punch is unlocked by linking the teleporter to the mainframe.

(The two other teleporters had not been developed yet.)

Wonder weapons:

Monkey Bomb (Prototype; looks different than normal ones)

Ray Gun

Wunderwaffe DG-2

Mystery Box Weapons:

  • 357 Magnum
  • BAR
  • M1919 Browning
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun
  • FG42
  • Kar98k (unscoped only)
  • M1897 Trench Gun
  • M1911
  • M1A1 Carbine
  • M1 Garand (with or without rifle grenades)
  • M2 Flamethrower
  • MG42
  • MP40
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Monkey Bomb
  • Panzerschreck
  • PPSh-41
  • PTRS-41
  • Ray Gun
  • STG-44
  • Stielhandgranate (extremely small chance of obtaining)
  • Thompson
  • Type 100
  • Wunderwaffe DG-2

Wall Guns Available:

· KAR98

· Gewher-43

· Double-Barreled shotgun

· Trench Gun

· M1A1 Carbine

· FG-42

· STG-44

· Stielhandgranate

· Type 100

· Thompson

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