"We have been air lifted from the subway by a passing Black Hawk. The news he brings isn't good. There have been zombie sightings all over the place the entire world is in anarch... *thud* what the f*ck is that *hissing sounds* is that a snake! *static* code red code red we are going down *crashing sounds* *static* "
―Coopers journal 8/1/1964


Crash is a new zombie map in the tellus immortuos story line that takes place in the Vietnam jungle. You start out in your crashed helicopter

Vital statistics
Prev Level Subway
Next Level Chut Duong Ham
Created By sulfurouspack48
Creation Date 5/11/11
Characters Harrison Booth, Avery Nylon, Conner Stanly, Cooper Rhea
Enemies Zombies, Villager, small reptile zombies.
Location Vietnam Jungle
Date 8/1/1964
with one way out. After you open the first door the map is pretty much an open map, except for a few movable debris. There is no power, perks, or pack-a-punch in this map.


This map looks like any other jungle in Vietnam. It has animals dead/alive/zombie hanging from the trees and attacking you from the ground. The things that attacked your helicopter were a group of zombie King Cobras.


The box contains the guns from shi no numa w/

V∞ replacing nothing

Wall guns

The wall guns are the same as the ones in Shi no Numa w/ the M16 replacing nothing


The traps are groups of pungi stakes that are marked by red Xs. When you run over a red X multiple pungi stakes will stick out of the ground killing the zombie right behind you the stakes have a 64 second recharge time before you can use them again.


There are no perks in this map


Nuke, max ammo, insta-kill, fire sale, and mortars inbound


There is no pack-a-punch on this map.


To do this easter egg you must use all of the wonder weapons available on this map shoot a large pure black willow tree until it falls over, knife the stump many times until the shape of one of the 4 original perk machines shows up lure the boss over to the statue make him hit the statue and the statue will turn to life and give you all a free perk.


The boss of this map is an extremely large native villager that carries a large machete. He stays for 2 minutes and is very hard to kill. If you do kill him he gives you max ammo and a fire sale, if you don’t he only gives you max ammo. The boss’s tribal name is Onawa.

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