Cold Storage is a storyline written by Ebon Shadowshot. Set at an undetermined time, Cold Storage follows the events of a breach of an unidentified Group 935 facility by two people. They are overseen by a figure and guided by a small group of Group 935 survivors known as The Overseers. Cold Storage consists of maps accompanied by small pieces of writing which elaborate on aspects not looked into by maps or easter eggs. Easter eggs are designed to not be like their previous counterparts and have a more puzzle like style to them.


Light Stimulant

Main article: Light Stimulant

Light Stimulant begins Cold Storage, and exclusively follows a man as he observes his surroundings. The rings of light are activated during this story.

Rings of Light

Rings of Light is to be the debut map of the storyline, set the morning after Light Stimulant. It will introduce things such as the Teleporter Pad, the Weather Stone and have the first major easter egg: Ash and Rebirth.

Cold Storage
Maps Rings of Light
Short Stories Light Stimulant
Major Characters The ManThe Overseers
Perk-A-Colas TBD
Utilities Teleporter PadDead Man's Pity
Wonder Weapons Weather Stone
Major Easter Eggs Ash and Rebirth

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