Coffee is a non-canonical Perk-a-Cola in the custom Nazi Zombies map "Spaceport". Coffee replaces Turfbrew (which is the replacement for Stamin-Up), and thus costs 2000 points. When purchased, Coffee allows the player to run for an unlimited amount of time. Also, when running, dirt and dust is kicked up. This dirt and dust disorients the zombies, and cause them to run is different directions (however, this only happens 90% of the time), allowing a quick escape for the player.


  • Coffee is also a real-life drink.
  • When purchased, a styrofoam cup falls under a spout and is filled. After the character finishes the Coffee, they crush the cup and throw it on the gound.
  • Oddly, Coffee is not a soda, but it used as a Perk.

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