"We have run from the sight of the crash in to a rat hole *zombie moan* we haven't got much time before they get here *louder moan* but I have to tell you it was all agent Farag's faul *gun shot* THERE HERE! *static*"
―Cooper's journal 8-4-1496[src]
Chuot duong ham
Vital statistics
Prev Level crash
Next Level ultima belli immortuos
Created By sulfurouspack48
Creation Date 5/14/11
Characters Cooper Rhea, Harrison Booth, Avery Nylon, Conner Reece.
Enemies Asian zombies, hellhounds
Location Vietnam
Date 8-4-1964


Chuot duong ham is a new zombie map in the tellus immortuos story line. It takes place in a Vietnamese “Rat tunnel” you start out in the beginning of a rat tunnel with all the doors being cave-ins in the cave.


Windows the windows in this map are holes in the dirt walls. The zombies will also dig their way through the floor and ceiling. You can repair the holes in the floor.


All the walls in the map are dirt. There are random bones sticking out of the walls.

Box guns

The box guns are the same as the ones from Kino but… the CZ75 is replaced by the desert eagle, the M60 replaces the RPK, the HR-151-K replacing nothing, the V∞ replacing the thunder gun, and the AK-47 replacing the commando.


The boss of this map are hellhounds

Wall guns

The wall guns are the same as Kino but… with the Kar98 replacing the m14 and the Mac 11 replacing the Ak-74u


Juggernaut, speed cola, quick revive, volt and suicide.

Power ups

Double points, Nuke, Death machine, max ammo, insta-kill, and carpenter.


You unlock the Pack-a-Punch by shooting 4 skulls scattered randomly around the map. The skulls will be in different places every game

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