This is a page for a storyline that is currently in progress of being created HellHoundSlayer. The storyline is a tie-in with the canon maps, so not all of this is by HellHoundSlayer.


Nikolai Belinski

Tank Dempsey

Edward Richtofen

Takeo Masaki

John F. Kennedy

Richard nixon

Robert Mcnamara

Fidel Castro

Carter Stevens

Hunter McFaul

Daniel Shepard

Allen Richards


Ludwig Maxis


H. Porter


Here are the maps in order:

Der Anfang

Nacht der Untoten

Zombie Verruckt

Shi no Numa

Der Riese

Kino der Toten


Area 51/Zoo der Untoten

Black Out/Revelations

Tot Schule

Ice Breaker


Insel der Toten

Ruckker zu Verruckt

Забыли несколько

Зомби Армагеддон

Hunde aus Dmanation

_________/_________ means the maps take place around the exact same time.

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