Vital statistics
Damage 190-270
Damage Multiplier Limbs: 1.3, Chest: 1.4, Neck: 1.6, Head: 2
Magazine Size 50
Created By Calico Light Weapons Systems
Creation Date 1992
Maximum Ammunition 500
Reload Time 3.8s
Rate of Fire 800 RPM
Range --
Recoil Low
Penetration Low
Fire Mode Automatic
Mobility High
The Calico M960 is a non-canon submachine gun featured in some fanon maps.

Remember When...

The M960 appears in all of the Remember When... storyline maps. It has a fast firing rate, low recoil and penetration power. It is one out of eight submachine guns in the storyline. It has good damage and it is one of the most powerful submachine guns. This weapon has one of the largest ammo conserves of any weapon, rivalling even light machine guns, with 500 rounds in reserve and 50 rounds in the weapon when it is obtained. It can only be obtained via the Mystery Box.


The M960 is a great weapon to have in almost any situation. It has a one-hit kill ability up until Round 6. Its fast rate of fire and low recoil makes it a great weapon when it comes to cutting down a swarm of zombies. However, this fast firing rate will feed through the ammo quickly and ultimately leave the player defenseless. Because of this, it is recommended to fire in bursts to decrease the loss of ammunition. Its low penetration power makes this weapon extremely ineffective when shooting through obstacles. This weapon should be pack-a-punched by Round 15.

Pack-a-Punched Variant

When Pap'ed, the M960 becomes the Dino Slayer. After it is upgraded, its damage increases to 375-450 and its magazine size increases from 50 to 75 and its reserve ammo increases to 750. This weapon also gains a ACOG sight and increased stability. It should be traded for a better weapon by Round 27.

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Calico M960

The Calico M960

The Calico M960 is an American made sidearm featured in the Modern Warfare: Brutal War: After Effect storyline. This Sub Machinegun has a 100 round cylindrical clip (its special clip design) and 300 spare ammunition. This is a great weapon for zombies as it is not as heavy as a light machine gun has a large ammo capacity, and has a medium rate of fire and level of power.

Pack-a-Punched Variant

When Pack-A-Punched this becones the Calico M0dA 4ka3 which is leet for Calico Mother Fuckers. It adds 250 rounds to the cylyndrical clip makes rate of fire 1.5 times faster adds 50 power and a total of 500 extra rounds. This is only obtainobile from the mystery box.

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