Burly Bre

Burly Breww

Burly Brew, by V,

Burly Brew is a perk based of the cut Ascension perk, Tufbrew. This perk ressembles Hardenned Pro but still has other benefits. This perk allows the player to rip through a surrounding horde of zombies when the player is cornered of surrounded. It also lets the player flinch less when hit by zombies. This perk will come in extreme use for players who find themselves cornered in corridors or narrow passages. This perk's color scheme is brown, orange-brown, and white. The perk's color is a dark brown-beer color and taste like beer that has gone flat long ago. Since the perk can save the player's life many times, it is reasonably priced at 3000 points. The icon is a person lifting up a zombie with a cracked head, and a missing arm and leg.


  • This perk was going to be featured in Ascension, but was originally named Tufbrew.
  • This perk-a-cola's creator is V,, a member of this wiki and the Call of Duty wiki.

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