Powerup bonfire sale
Bonfire Sale is a power-up that only appear canonically in "Five". In Infection, it automatically makes the elevator avaliable no matter how many of the 4 switches were activated.


In it's only canonical appearance in "Five" it lowers the Pack-a-Punch Machines price to 1000 points. It also makes all of the teleporters lead to the Pack-a-Punch room. It is only obtainable after killing the Pentagon Thief.



The Bonfire Sale appears in the fanon map Infection. In Infection, it lowers the Pack-a-Punch Machines price to 1000 points and it automatically makes the elevator avaliable no matter how many of the 4 switches were activated.

A Darker Shade of White

The Bonfire Sale appears in the storyline A Darker Shade of White. It appears in all maps starting with Auringonlasku. As the Pack-a-Punch Machine is always in the open it just reduces the price to 1000. It causes the Super Punch Machine to be reduced to 1000 (2000 with a regular gun) but it does affect things to do with the machine.

  • Auringonlasku - It keeps the usually blocked off area where the machine is open.
  • Eiswüste - The large number of doors guarding the machine are opened.
  • Nichtverrückt - The machine is automatically raised from the floor without needing any switches pulled.

A Universe Splintered

Bonfire Sale is said to be included in every AUS map. It is unlocked in different ways in each map, similar to the Random Perk Bottle in canonical maps.

  • In World of Death, it is unlocked by calling in the first Seeder in one of the major easter eggs, Kryllstorm. After this is done, it will drop from a Lambent Berserker every time one is killed.
A Darker Shade of White
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