Upon leaving Area 51, JFK, Nixon, Castro and McNamara make their way to the last place they might be safe- The White House. Their hopes, however, were wrong. The White House, and (To their knowledge) the rest of the world has been overrun by zombies. They decide to hold up here, and board themselves into the president's office. They have entered The Black House.

Boss Round

The boss round for this map is The Pentagon Thief but a different version. Instead of the Pentagon Thief, he is the White House Thief and is a lot more crazed than before. Daniel Clarke (The Thief) has been attacked by zombies and now is covered in blood, dirt, and wounds. He has three slash marks across his chest, and his glasses/goggles have been broken. He now can not only steal your weapon, but he can down the player as well.


The traps on this map are identical to the ones on FIVE.

Power-ups and Perks


Quick revive

Stamin up

Phd Flopper

Speed cola


Fire sale

Double points



Death Machine



Grim Reaper (Gives player a grim reaper)

Limitless (Unlimited ammo, health, and points for 10 seconds)

Wonder Weapons:

Winters howl

Ray gun

Monkey Bomb

Vulkans howl

Mystery Box

The following weapons are available from the mystery box:

Shith= (not able to upgrade)

Skorpion= Skorpioz 115 (Dual wield w/ extended magazine)

Galil= lamentation

Aug= AUG 5OM3

AK-47= AK-58 Jz (Extended magazine w/ flamethrower attachment)

Spas-12= Spas-24

Hs-10= Typhoid & Mary

M60= M120 (doubled ammo w/ grip)

RPK= R115 resonator

L96a1= L115 isolator

Psg1= Psg4 isolator (Acog scope w/ extended magazine)

Asp= Asp-115 (full auto upgraded w/ increased ammo)

Python= cobra

M72 LAW= M72 anarchy

RPG= RPX cannon (Increased firepower w/ no attachment)

Wall Guns

The following weapons are available to be bought off the wall:


M14= Mnesia

Pm63=Tokyo and Rose



M16=Skull Crusher

Machete= (Not able to upgrade)

Uzi=Uz511 (doubled ammo w/ red dot sight; random reticule)

MP5K= MP115 Kollider

Claymore=(Not able to upgraded)

Shith and Machete

The shith is a new type of bladed weapon, like the ballistic knife. It is used as a secondary or primary weapon. It is a long, curved blade on both the tips of a staff. When desired, you press X or q, and the staff breaks in half. This gives you two weapons, and is very desirable as it is one knife kill up until round 22.

The Machete is a new bladed weapon in the map Area 51. it replaces the bowie knife/sickle and it one knife kill up until round 15. it is useful for knifing and is preferred over the bowie knife as you do not need to be as close to a zombie to knife, due to the weapons length.

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