As the title says this is the best map ever so everyone else might as well stop making maps...

Backstory BITCH!

All right so ... gather around gather around my children STORY TIME! Anyway the map starts with a cutscene. Now it shows 3 extreme nerds Daniel Smith, Magma-Man, and Fizzywizzy all at a Nazi Zombies convention. But while there Mark Lamia unveils the next Call of Duty. Call of Duty Real Life. He begins by showing off the zombie mode which releases the zombies. Now some awesome character who is a professional zombie killer named Justin Miller (I have the shirt to prove it :P) and his extremly hot girlfriend Megan Fox are walking in a park nearby when they get a call from equally awesome man HellHoundSlayer . Justin quickly fucks Megan and then leaves to help.


3 of the characters start off in the convention room with a mere knife. Meanwhile the best character(Sniperteam) starts off with the Ray Gun, Commando and a Sniperteam exclusive the Megan Fox bomb. He also starts off in the mystery box room.

New Weapons

Megan Fox bomb- A sniperteam exclusive it is basically a Gercsh Device or Monkey Bomb attracting zombies... and then when they touch her they melt.

Now if you couldn't tell this is a joke.... I think its hilarious.... but I'm probably the only one.:(

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