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The BAR is an American machine gun featured in all canon maps in Call of Duty: World at War and all World at War maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


The BAR is purchaseable from the wall and Mystery Box. It possesses high power, a low rate of fire, great accuracy, and not too much recoil. It is good during the earlier rounds, about 5 to 12, due to its low rate of fire, but as zombies become faster and stronger, the BAR will not be able compete. It is best to go for headshots, as only a few bullets are needed to behead a zombie in the early to mid rounds.

Pack-a-Punched Variant

The Pack-a-Punched BAR becomes "The Widowmaker," gaining more power, more ammo, more rounds per magazine, and a slightly faster rate of fire. It is a great weapon for clearing hordes in a line, but not when it is stretched out, as its low rate of fire will not be effective. Again, it is best to go for headshots, as they will prove useful in the later rounds.


  • The BAR is one of Tank Dempsey's favorite weapons, which is notable by the comments he makes. This is because both are American.
  • It seems to be the only weapon in the game to be on the wall twice, having the regular and Deployable variant in Verrückt.

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