Attack of the Teddy Bears Named Frank Jensen! is a survival mode similar to Nazi Zombies and yet completely different. Four players are trapped in an area similar to Nacht der Untoten and must defend themselves from the onslaught of Teddy Bear Forces that attack.


It does not run on the Black Ops engine, instead running on a much more powerful and realistic physics engine, allowing for realistic interactions between bullets and the bears, and instead of giving the bears a certain ammount of health you must rip them apart, making weapons like the Chainsaw extremly effective.

Instead of using rounds, there is a timer. As time goes on, more teddy bears will spawn and more powerful Teddy Bears have a higher chance of spawning.

The following are the types of bears that will spawn.

  • Teddy Bears - Standard Teddy Bears, walk slowly, chant "Play With Me" and are generally weak.
  • Big Bears - Large and rare spawns. They are extremely durable, make menacing roars, and can kill in one or two hits. They also can break through barriers in one hit.
  • Terror Bears - Look like the standard bears with a red glow, they are extremely fast, are two times as powerful, but have 3/4 the ammount of health as the standard bears.

Keats' Firearms weapons are the primary weapons used, however things like machetes and chainsaws are also available.


Simple. Demon-possessed teddy bears are attacking, you've got to survive.


This map will be followed by five maps, the first of which being Return of the Teddy Bears Named Frank Jensen!

Attack of the Teddy Bears!
Maps AttackReturnRevengeMuseumGuardianThe End
Enemies TeddiesBig BearsTerror BearsThe GuardianFrank JensenSarah Jensen
Achievements The Nightmare Ends

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