Atom Cannon
Vital statistics
Damage Infinite
Damage Multiplier None
Magazine Size 10
Created By Registered contributor
Creation Date 4/25/11
Maximum Ammunition 30
Reload Time 5 seconds
Rate of Fire 100 RPM
Range Infinite
Recoil Medium
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Mobility {{{Mobility}}}

The Atom Cannon or the is a non-canoncal Wonder Weapon featured in some non-canon maps.


It fires globs of green element 115 plasma that explodes upon contact with any solid objects, obliterating any targets and burns away at the surrounding areas for several seconds. Right after the explosion, it will create a shockwave that will knockdown any enemies that was close to the explosion, but didn't get affected by it. It will kill any zombie in one shot at any round.

Holding down the fire weapon for a few seconds, causes the weapon to charge up for a more powerful shot (up to 4 levels of charge), dealing a lot more damage in a larger radius. The downside is that it will take up more ammo.


The CIA wanted a weapon to counter the Thundergun and the Wunderwaffe, after the discovery of the 2 weapons.


After Pack-a-Punching, the Atom Cannon becomes the "BFG9000" with the increase of mag size from 15 to 30, plus max ammo is now 150 spare rounds. Also, it the blast radius is twice the size than before, and it will not hurt the player.

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