Vital statistics
Prev Level Aftermath
Next Level Intrusion
Created By Daniel Smith
Creation Date 4/21/11
Characters John "Soap" MacTavish, John Price, Simon "Ghost" Riley, Gary "Roach" Sanderson
Enemies American scientist zombies, American Astronaut zombies, British soldier zombies
Location British-American space base above Mars
Date 2016

Arrival is a custom Nazi Zombies map. Arrival takes place in an British-American space base above Mars. Arrival is large map that consists of small areas and large areas.


After being rescued by an American Army Rangers unit lead by Sgt. Michael Foley at the cosmodrome in Russia, Special Air Service agents John "Soap" MacTavish, John Price, Simon "Ghost" Riley, and Gary "Roach" Sanderson were flown to the Pentagon in the United States of America. The NATO organization felt it was time to address all the lies they have told about outer space and the technology they had. NATO explained to the four soldiers that they have lied about outer space, and that it was actually possible to live on Pluto and that a space base was constructed above Mars.

After NATO admitted this, Soap, Price, Ghost, and Roach were sent to the space base above Mars to check up on the scientists, astronauts, and soldiers staying there. When the four arrived they were almost imediately attacked by American and British zombies.


  • American scientist zombies - The American scientist zombies in this map wear the stereotypical scientist white robe, which is bloody and wrinkled. These zombies eyes glow white.
  • American Astronaut zombies - The American astrononaut zombies are the equivalent to the Russian Cosmonaut zombies in the three previous maps. The attire of the Astronaut zombies is a white suit and a broken helment.
  • British soldier zombies - The British soldier zombies in this map wear the space-camo combat outfit. These zombies' eyes glow white, and their faces are pale and wrinkled. These zombies are quite bloody. Often, they will stumble (but not roll).



Machine Pistols

Submachine Guns

Assault Rifles

Light Machine Guns


Sniper Rifles




Wonder Weapons


  • Mystery Box - The Mystery Box is the only utility in this map. The Mystery Box contains every weapon, excluding the off-wall weapons. The Mystery Box has two glowing question marks on it. It costs 950 points to use.

Perk-a-Colas and Snack Machine


Snack Machines


  • Nuke
  • Insta-Kill
  • Fire Sale
  • Carpenter
  • Max Ammo
  • Double Points
  • Death Machine

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